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CSS Frameworks Explained


A framework can be defined as a standardized practice, concepts and criteria for dealing with similar kind of problem which can be employed as a reference to aid individual’s access and adjudicate problems which are new.  CSS frameworks are also known as Frontend Frameworks. The frontend frameworks entail a package built from a structure of folders and files of standardized codes.HTML, CSS and JS documents are examples of files of standardized codes.

General information

Components of CSS frameworks

The elements of CSS frameworks are listed below. The CSS code which enables the developer to position the various elements to build the site design in a versatile and straightforward fashion and a grid is created. Secondly, typography style definitions for HTML elements. Another component is solutions for browser’s incompatibility cases so that the site is displayed correctly in all the browsers. Lastly is the creation of CSS classes which are the standard which can be applied to style components which are advanced for the user interface.

Frameworks’ selection

The two kinds of a framework according to their complexity can be differentiated within the CSS frameworks. The types are the complex structures and simple frameworks. The differentiation is subjective, and it does not imply or show that one of the types of structure is better than the other one. It means that they give multiple solutions which are determined by the level of complexity or the flexibility aspect which is needed.

Simple frameworks

Simple frameworks are sometimes referred as a grid system. The style sheets with column systems are offered by this type of framework to facilitate the distribution of various elements according to the original design.

Complete frameworks

Comprehensive frameworks usually provide frameworks which are complete with features which are configurable. Examples of configurable elements are styled typography, buttons, icons and sets of forms. Other components which are reusable are built to offer navigation, popovers, alerts and more, custom settings, templates, HTML, images frames and so on.

1140 CSS grid

The 1140 CSS grid is categorized under the simple framework. On a 1280 monitor, the 1140 CSS Grid fits perfectly. It becomes fluid on displays which are small in size and thus adjusts to the browser’s width. Media queries are applied at a particular point so that the mobile version can be employed.

Foundation 3

The foundation 3 is categorized under the complex framework which is an advanced responsive front-end framework. …

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