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Many cloud storage providers are giving out free cloud storage to their customers. But should this be the reason why you choose a particular cloud storage service provider?

Of course not, cloud storage is more than that. You will need to choose a cloud storage service provider whose package is irresistible. I.e. a package that is inclusive of security, app integration, availability, multi-platform and more. In this article, we are going to look at the top cloud storage service providers.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox are the leaders of the pack when it comes to cloud storage service providers. They are the most popular when it comes to cloud storage and for a good reason as they were the first to popularize the service. Apart from being just popular when it comes to cloud storage, they offer a package that is worth the fee you pay for. First of all, their support for virtually every operating system makes it awesome. It can be integrated in both mobile phones as well as desktops and this makes it a favorite for those who use desktop to sync their files and be connected with their clients. For those who prefer to use mobile phones to update their files and share, Dropbox is compatible with some applications and you are able to store your files safely and access them when you need to.

  1. Google Drive

Google drive has been in existence for a one year but has managed to carve out its niche in the cloud storage service providers. This is because it has been able to combine several tools previously known as Google Docs (Spreadsheets, Docs, presentations and Drawing) in one. This makes it a favorite for those who use such tools in their daily work. It is also a good way of storing files as it offers 15GB free storage. Google Drive is also available in OS X, Android, Windows and iOS and this makes it useful on your desk.

  1. SkyDrive

The fact that SkyDrive has been integrated with Windows has made it a favorite for many people. It can be used for Windows 8 for both desktops and tablets and if you use Windows 13 on your desktop too, then SkyDrive cloud storage will be perfect for you as the process is quick and seamless. It also has mobile apps for Windows phone, Android as well as iOS. This makes it easy to access your files whenever you need to so long as you have internet connection. For those who are signing up today, they get free 7GB and 10GB for students with an option of buying more storage.

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