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Many situations can draw out the worst in people, and if you are not aware of it, the hackers are increasing and it is a full-fledged market now.

Mobile Phone 17Do you recognize that with a common software application bug your mobile phone can be hacked and anybody can listen in on your conversations. Did you also know that a hacker can pay attention to your conversations even when you are not on your mobile phone. Yes, amazingly, hackers can turn your phone’s speaker on and transmit it hundreds of feet to a corporate spy, a child molester, or even worse, a killer.

I understand why you would be saying, no, impossible, how can this be, well if the above is insufficient, a hacker can even trigger your mobile phone camera and watch your every step. If your phone is equipped with a GPS monitoring chip, like the majority are in the last couple years. Then hackers can even track your activities right to your house or business with pinpoint precision, similar to the authorities using to track criminals. Are you feeling as safe as you did before you discovered this security hole in all mobile phone systems.

My phone was hacked and used in 2013 without my knowledge. After all, the majority of us would not think such innovation is available, andMobile Phone 18 if you resembled me, I felt my cell phone was more protected than my office phones. We have all become aware of house and office phones being tapped, however not cellular phone. Why, because it is the cellular industries unclean little trick, and they wish to keep it that way.

As soon as you understand how un-secure your existing mobile phone is, if you are like me, you will wish to research a method in which you can protect yourself and your kids, if not your business where spying prevails in extremely competitive industries such as fashion, technology, and advertising. And exactly what about the partner who suspects cheating was going on. You never know what you can say without someone listening anymore now that this secret hackers spying software application is revealed finally, so be prepared.

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